Why We Do What We Do

Bridge to Everyone's Hope

There is an urgent need for change in the habit of usage of Devices, Internet and Social Media and its influence on the quality of our Health, Behavior and Life (Cambridge Analytica, Blue whale, Games, Access to all sort of Videos).

We find Reading Habit is the ideal remedy or solution to free ourselves from the clutches of the mentioned ill effects. Readabit.in is providing the above services keeping in mind the comfort and convenience to develop the HEALTHY Reading Habit in today’s fast world by adding best from both Technology and Tradition.

We Are

“Those who do not find time to visit a library can save time, money and shelf space by renting books at Readabit.inTM

READABIT.inTM started with the purpose to enhance Reading Habit among all age groups by providing an online platform to facilitate access to the catalogue of physical books available in Library with ease and enjoy the free delivery and return of books just at the click of a button from the comfort of the members home.

We are continuously evolving and designing our Membership model in such a way that it can Motivate and Support the Best among the Habits THE READING HABIT in the midst of all category of readers. Knowledge is Power and that Knowledge can be improved by cultivating READING HABIT.

    We help our members to -
  • Save travelling time to Library and that precious time can be used for other productive activities.
  • Save Money as they are renting books for lesser price.
  • Save storage space.

Our ongoing research on making READING HABIT as interesting as possible for every category of readers through READABIT.INTM is our ultimate goal. Keep enrolled yourself with the membership and allow us to notify you of latest innovative additions in terms of our services to experience the amazing world of Books which can transform your lives and it will become the BRIDGE TO YOUR HOPE.

Coming Soon State of the Art First of its kind service Mentoring the Members for the members who require help in choosing the right reading material.