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There is an urgent need for change in the habit of usage of Devices, Internet and Social Media and its influence on the quality of our Health, Behavior and Life (Cambridge Analytica, Blue whale, Games, Access to all sort of Videos). Only by introducing oneself to a Good Habit above mentioned ill effects can be reduced.


We find Reading Habit is the ideal remedy or solution to free ourselves from the clutches of the mentioned ill effects. is providing the above services keeping in mind the comfort and convenience required to develop the HEALTHY Reading Habit in today’s fast world by adding best from both Technology and Tradition.


Featured In News

The Hindu 23 April, 2018

An online library to open new pages

T.S. Govarthanan of Gomathipuram in the city decided to take his bookshelf online, and launched ‘’, an online library, on April 18.

The Hindu, Metro Plus 28 April, 2018

Grab a book to do a digital detox

Afraid that libraries are losing their appeal to the new generation, Madurai man gifts one with some special features to the city

The Hindu, Tamil 02 May, 2018

மதுரையில் ‘ஆன்லைன் நூலகம்’: வீடு தேடி வரும் புத்தகம்

புத்தகத்தை வாங்குவதற்கு ஆகும் செலவு, சில சமயங்களில் புத்தக விலையை விட அதிகமாகி விடுகிறது.

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₹1000 ₹750/Month

  • ₹1500 worth books per delivery
  • Unlimited Free Delivery
  • Suggest your Books(₹300/month)
  • Save upto 95%
  • Registration ₹300
  • Refundable Deposit ₹500
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₹400 ₹300/Month

  • ₹1000 worth books per delivery
  • Unlimited Delivery
  • Every month One Delivery Free up to 6 kms
  • Subsequent deliveries charged ₹4/km or Courier charges
  • Suggest your Books(₹200/month) only for annual subscription
  • Registration ₹300
  • Refundable Deposit ₹500
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  • Pay MRP as Security Deposit.
  • Pay 10% of MRP as Rent/10 days
  • Suggested Book 30% Rent/30 days
  • Delivery charges ₹4/km or Courier charges
  • Suggest your Books(No limits)
  • Registration ₹300
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