How It Works - How it Works
How READABIT.INTM service works

READABIT.INTM is an online subscription based rental service that allows its members to rent printed books through its website located at After completion of online registration by a member He/she can then browse/search books he/she would like to read, and add them to his/her virtual Bookrack (My Bookrack). No. of Books will be subject to the plan opted by the member.

Individual Book Rental

On receipt of Primary Amount for the books selected member will be delivered with the book from 2 business days to 5 business days. If an item is out of stock and we cannot source another one for you then you will be notified via email in 72 hours and refunded with your money for Individual Book Renting. If an item is out of stock, yet we are able to source the book you will be notified as to the delay in shipment time. You may at this point cancel your order if you wish before the item is prepared for delivery. You may request cancelation through the contact us section of the website.

Multiple Book Orders

We endeavour to send out your books as one order. However, if you order multiple books you may receive the books separately, products that are unavailable at the time of shipment will be shipped as they become available, unless cancelled.

Limited Plans & Unlimited Plans

Once payment has been received the first set of books will be delivered to the member at the shipping address provided at the time of registration. The number of books delivered at a time by READABIT.INTM is as per his/her Subscription plan. Once a member is done with the first set of books, he/she can opt for next delivery for the books allocated in their respective Bookrack and the delivery will happen against the pickup of the first set of books taken earlier and It will be processed within 2 to 5 working days. Your READABIT.INTM membership will continue in effect unless you cancel your membership or we terminate it. You must cancel your membership before it renews each month in order to avoid billing of the next month's membership fees to your Payment Method. We will bill the membership fee plus any applicable tax to the Payment Method you provide to us during registration (or to a different Payment Method if you change your account information).

My Bookrack

Books that you select to rent will be placed into your Bookrack. You may add books or adjust the sequence of books in the Bookrack at any time. You must have at least 15 books in your Bookrack. Click the "My Bookrack" tab to make adjustments, review requested books or to see which books you currently have. We will determine which books to send you based on the books in your Bookrack and the priority in which you have listed them. We endeavour to deliver the books listed highest in your Bookrack; however, when availability is limited, we may ship you books lower in your Bookrack. Adjustments made to your Bookrack may not immediately impact your next delivery. In certain instances, you may have adjusted your Bookrack before you have received a delivery message when in fact a delivery was already processed. The adjustments will, however, impact subsequent deliveries.